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Belgorod regional Administration and the Eurocement Group Holding leadership launched the EUROCEMENT group Holding III Corporate Sports Contest on 28 August in Belgorod in a solemn ceremony at the sports complex of BelgorodStateTechnologicalUniversity named after V.G.Shuhov. 


 I am confident that the III Corporate Sports Contest held by the EUROCEMENT group Holding, which started today, would be a memorable event in the life of every participant. I wish all athletes good health, success, unforgettable experiences and victories said Head of the Department of Construction, Transport and Housing Deputy Prime Minister of the Belgorod region Nikolay Kalashnikov at the opening of the sports event.

          This years III Corporate Sports Contest, held by the EUROCEMENT group Holding in Belgorod gathered more than 500 employees of EUROCEMENT group, JSC from all regions of the country, as well as from Ukraine and Uzbekistan. There are 360 men (82%) and 80 women (12%) participants, not including support groups. Women compete in track and field and table tennis. Average age of participants is 30 years.

       The competition will be attended by 15 teams from the plants included in the EUROCEMENT group Holding and the Moscow office team. During the 4 days of the sports contest seven sports fields of BelgorodStateTechnologicalUniversity named after V.G.Shuhov will host events where competitors will have a chance to compete for prizes in five sports categories. 

      The program of the III Corporate Sports Contest, held by EUROCEMENT group, JSC includes volleyball and mini-soccer (teams consisting of men and women), table tennis, athletics (100-meter runoff, 4 × 100 meters relay, long jump) and chess. There will be 10 sets of awards to compete for.


The III Corporate Sports Contest, held by the EUROCEMENT group Holding in Belgorod, is one of the best corporate traditions of our company. This is the third time this festival of health, sportsmanship and strength of mind, which, forming a single cohesive team, gathered hundreds of athletes and fans from all the regions where the EUROCEMENT group Holding plants are located Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan is held said Mikhail Skorokhod, president of Eurocement group, JSC, at the opening ceremony of the III Corporate Sports Contest, held by the EUROCEMENT group Holding. We are honored to bring people together at such a festival of sport, as the III Corporate Sports Contest, held by the EUROCEMENT group Holding. So lets make every effort to make this sports festival a success, lets make it an unforgettable experience because of its bright victories and achievements, lets make it help participants find new friends, and bring joy to all of us with various interesting programs.

       The main objectives of the summer corporate sports contests held by EUROCEMENT group, JSC are the formation of a healthy lifestyles, physical and moral tempering of EUROCEMENT group, JSC workers, their families, preserving traditions and sporting ties, as well as exchange of experience in the field of physical culture and sports. 

Holding reference

  EUROCEMENT group Holding is an international, vertically integrated industrial holding, the leader in terms of the production of building materials in Russia.  

  EUROCEMENT group Holding is included in the eight largest cement companies in the world, comprises 16 cement plants in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, as well as plants for the production of concrete, reinforced concrete, nonmetallic minerals quarries and facilities providing industrial construction services.

     Production capacity of the plants included in the holding is 39.2 million tons of cement, 10 million cubic meters of concrete. Stocks of nonmetallic materials for the extraction of carbonate rocks with total explored reserves amount to over 2.8 billion tons, mining granite reserves are about 1.8 billion tons.

  Official website of the holding - www.eurocement.ru