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Starting on 1st April 2015, EUROCEMENT group Holding company is going to be presenting its products to customers in some totally new packaging.

After analyzing consumer feedback, market requirements and the best practices and cutting-edge technologies around the world, the Holding company has created a new range of product packaging, which satisfies the strictest standards as regards quality and the environment, and - most importantly of all - is designed to meet consumers' needs.

The new packaging is made of three-layered micro-perforated paper weighing just 80 grams, which makes it stronger, provides greater protection for products during transit and extends the useful life of the cement. 

The use of a new packing valve when containerizing the product gives the packaging a tighter hermetic seal, reducing the risk that product will be lost whilst in transit or during storage. Moreover, when the packaging is manufactured, only environmentally friendly materials, which have no negative impact on the environment, are used. 

When the new range of packaging was being designed, special emphasis was placed on providing more information more end users. In order to make it easier for customers to distinguish one product from another, the new range of packaging is colour coded based on the category of the cement, and the trade mark and weight are also shown in a large font on all sides of the container. This is convenient when the product is being unpacked at retail outlets and when it is being used by end users, as it obviates the need to turn the container upside down to find out the weight and category of the contents. The colour coding will be replicated on the handles of the 'big-bags': this is helpful when the cement is being loaded/unloaded at large warehouses. Moreover, there are also recommendations as to use on the reverse of the packaging, printed in a clear and convenient manner.

As a result of the work carried out, a balanced product matrix has been devised, which incorporates the most popular types of cement:

  • Portland cement (product category - SUPER; colour coding - green);
  • Portland cement with 400 brand additives (product category - PLUS; colour coding - grey);
  • Portland cement with 500 brand additives (product category - EXTRA; colour coding - red);
  • Sulphate resisting cement (product category - SULFA; colour coding - blue).

At present the companies in EUROCEMENT group are offering a wide range of cements in various types of convenient, containerized packaging: in soft big-bag containers holding 1 ton each; in sturdy, environmentally friendly triple-layered paper bags holding 25 kg or 50 kg each; in pallets in stretch-wrap (60 bags holding 25 kg each or 30 bags holding 50 kg each); or in pallets in shrink-wrap (70 bags holding 25 kg each or 34 bags holding 50 kg each).